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4-Methylthioamphetamine(4-MTA) A Schedule I drug similar to para-Methoxyamphetamine (PMA). It is a serotonin releaser and stimulant, with a primary side effect of hyperthermia.
A-PVP A designer drug similar to pyrovalerone. It is a synthetic psychostimulant that can cause hyperstimulation, paranoia, and hallucinations.
ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental impairment characterized by a difficultly in maintaining focus and/or hyperactivity.
Administrator A responsible party charged with the ongoing administration of a given system, service, project, or organization.
AL-LAD Also known as 6-allyl-6-nor-LSD, it is a psychedelic drug and an analog of LSD.
Alkyl nitrates More commonly known as ‘poppers’, they are recreation drugs that can cause headrush and muscle relaxation.
Altcoin Altcoins are Bitcoin-alternative cryptocurrencies. Generally, they project themselves as better substitutes to Bitcoin.
Ammunition Projectiles used by firearms.
Amphetamine A central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. Amphetamines are drugs that predominantly increase alertness and concentration.
Anabolic steroids Anabolic steroids are drugs that include hormones such as testosterone; these steroids help with muscle growth or losing body fat through the production of protein.
AnonFiles A file sharing site where users can upload files and provide custom links for download.
Anonymity When a user hides their communication channel to protect his or her identity from being shared with another user or with a third party.
AOL A mass media company that offers a webmail service, known as AOL Mail. AOL Mail differs from AOL’s traditional e-mail program because it doesn’t require special software.
API Key An application programming interfect (API) code used to identify users, programs, or developers, and may track or control how the API is being used. The key may be included in some digest of the request content to further verify the origin and to prevent tampering with the values.
Astrid The creator/moderator of DarkNetMarkets.
AUD The abbreviation for The Australian Dollar, Australia’s currency.
Authentication A process of validating information.
Avengers A team of LSD testers and sellers from Silk Road. They can be reached on the Majestic Garden Forum.
Average vendor process Process that users need to go to be a vendor in a marketplace.
AYB An abbreviation for “All You’re Base”, a pop-culture reference meaning victory.
AYW An abbreviation for “All You’re Wiki”.
Backopy The person who was in charge of Black Market Reloaded (BMR).
Balance The money a user has available in their account.
Barbiturates A group of ‘downer’ drugs that can induce drowsiness and decrease anxiety. They are also used to alleviate withdrawl symptoms from other drug use.
Benzodiazepines Drugs that can assist with anxiety or insomnia treatment. They have sedative, anxiolytic, and muscle relaxant properties, amongst others. They can have adverse effects when used long-term.
Bergie Web A part of the internet where indexed “underground” sites can be accessed without a proxy.
Bitcoin A cryptocurrency that allows users to make online purchases with no or minimal transaction fees.
Bitcoin exchange A process or service for exchanging Bitcoins to money, and vice versa.
Bitcoinfog A bitcoin tumbler service.
Black Market goods Products that are being sold on deep web marketplaces.
Black Market Reloaded One of the oldest sites on the dark web, it was a marketplace specializing in illicit goods. BMR has closed down.
Blockchain The database of Bitcoins transactions, akin to a ledger.
Botnets A number of Internet-connected devices controlled as a group to perform various tasks. They are typically infected with malware and controlled without the owner’s permission.
Bromo-Dragonfly A psychedelic drug considered to be extremely potent.
Buprenorphine An opioid medication typically used in the treatment of opioid addiction. It is less potent than opioids such as heroin.
Buyers Customers on dark markets.
CAD An abbreviation for the Canadian dollar.
Caffeine A stimulant that increases energy. Caffine is commonly found in coffee, tea, and some soft drinks.
Cannabis A THC-rich plant used as a recreational drug, commonly known as marijuana, weed, or hash. It can consumed or smoked to achieve a high.
Cannabis growing The production of cannabis products.
Carding The art of stealing and selling information of credit cards
Cathinones A substance that is chemically similar to ephedrine, cathine, methcathinone, and other amphetamines.
Cipherspace A generic term for encrypted cyberspace, such as I2P.
Cirrus An administrator on the Silk Road forum.
Classifieds A collection of small advertisements.
Clearnet The category of sites that can be visited from every browser without the use of specialized proxies.
CNH An abreviation for the Chinese Yuan when traded outside of mainland China.
Cocaine An addictive stimulant drug found in powder or crystal form; the drug is typically snorted, and can induce psychosis, a euphoric high, and/or agitation.
Codeine An opioid used to pains, it is often used as a recreational drug when combined with promethazine in the form of a syrup (commonly known as ‘lean’ or ‘purple drank’).
CoinAsia A proposed Cryptocurrency and blockchain to be sovereign backed for the Asian continent.
Cold Storage An offline wallet to store cryptocurrencies.
Concentrates A darknet marketplace where users can get hash oil, cream, vaporizer, etc.
Conferences Meetings between users on the deep web.
CP An abbreviation for Child Pornography.
Crack A form of cocaine that can be smoked; also known as crack rocks.
Crypto News A news site covering topics such as politics, technology, security, the dark web, Bitcoin, etc.
Cryptocurrency A digital currency that can be used anonymously. The most prominent cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.
Cryptography The field and study of creating and solving codes; cryptography is the foundation of digital encryption algorithms.
CVV A three digit security code located on the back of payment cards.
Dark Net A relatively clandestine part of the World Wide Web that is not indexed by search engines and can only be accessed by specialized software such as the Tor browser.
DarkNetMarkets They are the digital marketplaces on dark web where users can make illicit tranactions.
Datura A plant containing tropane alkaloids that can be ingested as a drug. It can cause users to become delirious, hyperthermic, have an increased heart rate, and cause temporary photophobia.
DBAN An open-source software that can delete information on users’ hard disk drives.
DDG/Duck Duck Go An alternative search engine that does not track or monitor users’ searches.
DDOS Attack An abbreviation for Distributed Denial of Service; DDoS is a cyber-attack that uses multiple systems to make the target’s network unavailable through traffic overload.
Deep Web A section of the internet that is not indexed by search engines. The Deep Web contains such things as intranets, banking information, membership sites, and also the Dark Web.
DeepDotWeb A news site that provides current news and content about the Deep Web, including topics on privacy, cryptocurrencies, and darknet markets.
Defcon The largest and oldest offline underground hacking conference.
Deposits A sum of money placed into an account.
Digital items In electronic commerce, digital items are used to describe any goods that are stored electronically, such as accounts, software, and ebooks.
Digitalink The first drug vendor on Silk Road to get arrested.
Dispute In electronic commerce, a disagreement between a buyer and vendor; disputes are typically centered on payment or delivery failure.
Dissociatives A category of drugs that produce hallucinogenic effects, characterized by a sense of detachment from themselves and their immediate environment.
DKK An abbreviation for the Danish Krone, the official currency of Denmark and Greenland.
DoD / Coachella / HH A scammer on darknet markets.
Domestic Geographically and politically in the same jurisdiction; in electronic commerce, this can refer to product creation and distribution.
Donations Funds or items that are provided to another party, typically without recompensation.
Dox An internet term for when identifying or otherwise private information has been published about an individual or their alias.
Dread Pirate Roberts A fictional character from The Princess Bride; also a pseudonym used by the Silk Road’s creator Ross Ulbricht.
Dumps In the cyber field, a massive public release of data.
Ecstasy The most well-known street name for 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), a psychoactive drug that increases felt sensations and euphoria.
Edibles A term used for consumable drugs such as marijuana and mushrooms.
Electrum plugin A tool that facilitates the use of multiple transactions on darknet marketplaces; Electrum itself is a Bitcoin Wallet.
Emergency BTC Address A cryptocurrency wallet address that site administrators will send held funds to in the case of an unexpected market shutdown.
Empathogens A category of psychoactive drugs that induce emotional openness.
Encryption The conversion of data into an obfuscated code to prevent unauthorized access.
Erectile dysfunction The inability for a male to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse; also known as impotency.
Escrow A third party, often times a marketplace, that holds funds while a transaction is made between the buyer and the seller.
EUR An abbreviation for the Euro currency.
Exchange Rates The value of one currency in comparison to another.
Exit Scam When an administrator or vendor is leaving and illicitly takes users’ funds prior to his or her exit.
Exploit Kits Software kits that identify and exploit vulnerabilities in client machines, typically with the intent of injecting and executing malicious code.
Exploits Leveraging vulnerabilities to take advantage of a system.
Explosives Reactive materials that rapidly expand (explode) when exposed to a external stimulus, such as an electric charge or heat source.
Fagmin/dgft An administrator on Torchan; also a pronoun for an administrator who abuses their privileges.
FAQ Abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions.
FBI An abbreviation for the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
FE In electronic commerce, specifically on darknet markets, it is an abbreviation for Finalizing Early without an Escrow.
Feedback In electronic commerce, feedback is commentary and/or ratings on the quality of a product, service, or the other party of a transaction.
Fentanyl An extremely potent opioid painkiller.
Flush A Silk Road administrator that Dread Pirate Roberts allegedly paid to have killed.
Forum A place for discussion. On the internet, forums are characterized by allowing users to start and comment on conversation ‘threads’.
Fraud Deception intended on creating financial or otherwise personal gains.
Freedom Hosting A web hosting service catered specifically to deep web sites, accessible by the likes of Tor and other specialized browsers.
Freenet An anonymous P2P service for publishing websites and files accessible only through its software, akin to Tor and I2P.
FUD Abbreviation for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
Galaxy On the deep web, Galaxy is a Tor-accessible social network specifically made for users of the deep web.
Gawker Gawker was a media blog that shut down in 2016.
GBP An abbreviation for the British Pound currency.
GCHQ An abbreviation for the UK Government Communications Headquarters, England’s signal intelligence center.
GHB An abbreviation for 4-hydroxybutanoic acid, it is a central nervous system depressant used to treat narcolepsy. Also known as Liquid X, it is used as a ‘date rape’ drug and can cause loss of conciousness, hallucinations, euphoria, and increased sex drive.
Grams A search engine for the dark net, it indexes Tor-based sites and marketplaces.
HackBB An infamous hacking forum on the darknet that was shutdown in 2013.
Hand Weapons Also known as melee weapons, they are items used in close range, hand-to-hand combat.
Hard Candy A darknet page where users could find child pornography.
Harry71 An onion robot that shows users which sites are running on the Tor network.
Heroin An opioid drug that comes from the poppy plant. It is used recreationally for its euphoric effects, and is highly addictive.
Hidden Service An .onion domain name that can only be accessed by the Tor browser.
Hidden Wiki A censorship-resistant wiki for Tor sites.
Honeypot In cybersecurity, a deceptive measure in detecting unauthorized use and/or access of information systems. A honeypot will typically contain data that appears to be enticing or legitimate for unauthorized users.
Hub Forums A forum on the dark web oriented towards reviews of darknet marketplaces, sites, and cryptocurrencies.
Hushmail An encrypted email service.
I2P Software that provides access to a network that allows for anonymous browsing, messaging, and file transfers.
Ibogaine A substance with psychedelic properties, it is used for susbtance abuse treatments.
ICQ An early instant messaging program, it is a derivative of “I Seek You” in English.
INR An abbreviation for the Indian Rupee currency.
International Concerning or relating to multiple countries.
Inviter user A person who invites a user on a darknet marketplace or forum.
IRC An abbreviation for Internet Relay Chat, a protocol that facilitates text communicaton.
Jabber Also known as XMPP, it is a secure chat-messaging protocol.
JB An abbreviation for jailbait, young women who are under the age of sexual consent but are considered to be sexually provocative or attractive.
Ketamine An anesthetic drug.
Khat A plant found in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula that acts as a stimulant and causes euphoria when ingested.
Lavabit An encrypted email service, it is most known for being used by whistleblower Edward Snowden.
LE / LEO’s / LEA’s An abbreviation for Law Enforcement / Law Enforcement Officers / Law Enforcement Agents, respectively.
Libertas A pseudonym used by a Silk Road administrator.
Library In relation to Tor hidden services, Tor Library is an extensive repository for media files.
Litecoins A cryptocurrency based on an open source protocol.
LocalBitcoins A site where users can buy and sell bitcoins.
Long-Range Guns Rifles that are optimal for long distance shooting.
Love Letter A letter sent from the postal service to the destination’s address informing the recipient that a package has been seized. They can also be sent from buyers to scam the recipient(s).
LSD An abbreviation for lysergic acid diethylamide, it is a psychedelic drug that alters the users’ perceptions.
Malware An abbreviation for malicious software that is typically used to disrupt computer or mobile operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems, or display unwanted advertising.
MAOis An early antidepressant medication.
Marco Polo Task Force An multi-agency task force that investigated Silk Road. The US FBI, BAFTE, DHS, IRS, Postal Inspection, and Secret Service are known to have been members.
Mariana’s Web A joke used to refer to the deepest and darkest parts of the deepweb, accessible through impossible means.
Marketplaces In electronic commerce, websites where users can purchase goods or services. On the darknet, these are typically illicit.
MDA/MDAI A synthetic, psychoactive drug used recreationally to experience emotional openness.
MDPV A stimulant that functions as a dopamine inhibitor. It is a designer drug-variant of Pyrovalerone, and is often used as a recreational drug.
Mescaline A psychedelic drug comparable to LSD.
Methadone An opioid painkiller. It is also used in the treatment of drug addiction.
Methamphetamine Commonly known as ‘meth’, methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant medically used to treat obesity and ADHD. It is known to induce euphoria and is an aphrodisiac, making it popular as a recreational drug.
Methamphetamine This drug is called crystal meth when you take it can cause you a false sense of happiness and a rush of confidence.
Methylphenidate Most popularly known as Ritalin, it is a central nervous system stimulant used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. Alternatively, it can be used in small doses to enhace a user’s cognition.
Mixie A Tor hidden service that provided private messaging services.
Molly A drug that is selled on the marketplace on the deep web.
Monero An open-source cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote protocol. It is centered on its proof-of-work function.
Monero (XMR) An open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 that focuses on privacy, decentralisation and scalability.
Morphine An opioid medication used as a central nervous system block, it is an extremely potent painkiller.
MSM An abbreviation for Mainstream Media, typically referring to large media entities such as Fox News or CNN.
MtGox A Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange, the entity infamously came under fire for filing for bankruptcy and the assumed theft of bitcoins.
MTLjohn A scammer on Silk Road.
Multi-Signature Abbreviated as ‘multisig’, it can refer to an escrow that requires more than one key to authorize a transaction. Alternatively, it could also refer to a digital signiture that represents a group of users.
Mushroom growing Mushrooms that you can grow in your home
Mushrooms In the context of drugs, mushrooms (or ‘shrooms’) refers to mushrooms containing psilocybin – a psychedelic substance.
MXE/MXP A dissociative drug reportedly similar to ketamine and Phencyclidine (PCP).
Nameless An internet relay chat on the dark web.
Nicotine An addictive stimulant commonly found in cigarrettes, cigars, snus, and chewing tobacco.
Nitrous oxide A colourless gas used as an anesthetic in the medical field and as a euphoric substance when used recreationally. When above room temperature, it functions as a potent oxidizer.
NOK An abbreviation for the Norwegian Krone currency.
Nootropics Commonly known as ‘smart drugs’, they are substances that serve as performance enhancers for cognitive function.
Onion The top level domain for sites accessible through the Tor network.
Onion Browser An iOS application that allows users to tunnel and encrypt internet traffic through the Tor network.
Onion Routing A protocol for anonymous network communications that encrypts data in several layers, analogously referencing onion layers.
OnionForum A user forum on the deep web for a variety of topics, it is an onion site.
Onionland A phrase for the deep web, specifically the general body of onion sites.
OnionNet An anonymous internet relay chat service for Tor.
opDarknet An abbreviation for Operation Darknet, a DDoS attack facilitated by the ‘Anonymous’ hacking group on a child pornography sharing website.
Operation Onymous An international operation conducted by law enforcement entities that targeted a collection of onion sites, including Silk Road 2.0.
Opiate A drug or other substance that contains or is derived from opium.
Opioid Pain relievers derived from opium, such as morphine.
Opium Dried latex from the opium poppy that contains morphine alkaloid such as morphine, or if the poppy is specially bred, codeine.
OPSEC An abbreviation for operation security, the process of identifying critical information that may be used by others for purposes not beneficial to one’s own.
Optimus Crime/OC Founder and administrator of the HackBB forum.
OrBot An application for Android devices that facilitates anonymous web browsing, instant messaging, and emailing through proxies.
Oxycodone An opioid painkiller. It is also used to treat opioid withdrawl in combination with naloxone.
Paraphernalia Items related to or required for an activity. Drug paraphernalia, for example, may be a pipe or a bong.
Pastebin A clearnet site where users can publish text anonymously, it is often used to share code.
PGP Abbreviation for Pretty Good Privacy, an encryption program popular for encrypting emails and files.
Pharmacy In reference to the deep web, a source (such as a darknet market) that dispenses drugs.
Phishing The practice of fraudulently sending emails supposedly from a reputably party or entity in an attempt to gain credentials or information.
Pidgin OTR Off-the-Record (OTR) messaging plugin for the Pidgin messaging software.
PIN Code A method of user authentication for accounts through verification of a designated number sequence, typically in relation to electronic transactions
Pistols Slang for handguns, small firearms that can be operated solely by users’ hands.
Prescription In the medical field, an authorization for the patient (or recipient) to be provided a treatment, medication, or other restricted substance.
Privacy The intentional restriction of information pertaining to a person, with the intent of not being observed by certain parties.
Processing Time A duration of time between the initiation of an action and its completion or verification.
Production The creation of a product.
Project Black Flag A former darknet market. The founder, MettaDPR, allegedly carried out an exit scam when the site closed.
Proxy A virtual service that changes users’ IP addresses when using the internet.
Psychedelics Drugs with hallucinogenic, perception-altering effects.
RAT (Remote Administration Tool) Software that allows the user to control another computer from a distance with the same usability as they would have if they had physical access to the computer.
RC (Research chemicals) Commonly known as designer drugs, research chemicals are created to mimic results and effects of known medications.
Register Create an account or otherwise identify yourself to a service, such as e-commerce sites.
Resolution A decision, settlement, or agreement, most often following a dispute.
Reviews Feedback about a product, service, or interaction.
Riseup A secure email service.
Ross Ulbricht The founder and administrator of Silk Road, commonly known by his pseudonym ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ (DPR).
RUB An abbreviation for the Russian Ruble currency.
Sales The selling of products or services.
Salvia A pschedelic drug typically consumed by smoking or chewing, its primary acting agent is salvinorin A.
Same Same But Different (SSBD) A former Silk Road moderator, SSBD was arrested and made headlines.
Samples A free item given to a potential customer, typically to confirm the item or its use.
Satoshi Nakamoto The pseudonym of Bitcoin’s designer and creator.
Save Search A search that is saved by a system, browser, or website.
Scammer A person or entity who fraudulently deceives people or entities for financial or otherwise personal gain.
Search Relating to the internet, the action of seeking specific data, information, or webpages through keywords.
Security code A code that is sent to users in the event they forget their passwords or to new users to confirm their contact details. Alternatively, it can refer to a three-digit code on payment cards.
Security Software Software that provides security for a computer or network against malware, viruses, spyware, and other applications that are malicious in nature.
SEK An abbreviation for the Swedish Krona currency.
Selective Scamming Fraudulent deception of a group of people that meet certain criterion.
Self-defence The defence of oneself from harm, often in the context of addressing a threat with force.
Shadow Web A portion of the deep web that contains immoral and illegal activities, such as redrooms and abuse.
Sheep A former darknet market. The site shut down in 2013 following the owner pulled an exit scam.
Shilling A monetary unit in Africa and former monetary unit of England.
Shipping The transportation of an item to a designated location, typically through a third party.
SIGAINT A Tor hidden service that offers secure services.
Silk Road The first modern darknet market, and one of the most successful. The e-commerce site has gone through several versions, and is best known for the sales of illegal drugs.
Silk Road 2.0 The second version of Silk Road. It was created by original administrators from Silk Road following the arrest of founder Ross Ulbricht.
SMAC A software that can change a system’s Media Access Control (MAC) address. It is also an abbreviation for Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud.
SMS4Tor An anonymous messaging service on the Tor network.
Snuff Slang for murder. In the context of the dark web and redrooms in specific, it is the filming or livestreaming of murder.
Socks A proxy server that operates by establishing a TCP connection to another server on behalf of a client system.
Solvents Substances repurposed for users to inhale in attempts to get intoxicated, such as inhaling vapors from petroleum products, paint thinner, or acetone.
SQL injection The injection of malicious code into a web application to alter or retrieve data from a SQL database that the application is linked to.
Stats Abbreviation for statistics.
Stealth The use of caution or technology in attempts to not draw attention.
Steroids In relation to medications, anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone.
Stimulants In relation to drugs, substances that increase alertness, energy, or bodily activities. Also referred to as ‘uppers’.
Street methadone This drug is it selled by the name of Dolophine,it works very slow it can take 24 hours to get the whole feeling of the drug.It helps you treat your pain.
Support In relation to electronic commerce, services provided to users who require assistance, have inqueries, or require resolution of an issue.
Synthetics Artificial composition. Examples include synthetic drugs, synthetic fabric, and synthetic gemstones.
Tails An operating system that is centered on privacy and anonymity, it can be started from removable media devices such as DVDs or flash drives.
Talk.masked A forum on the Tor network.
The Marketplace (i2p) A market that is on i2p network it is praised by its security and it holds all funds in escrow during the ordering process.
Tobacco A plant containing nicotine; cured leaves are consumed or smoked by users.
Tony76 A vendor on Silk Road infamous for conducting a large-scale scam.
Tor Originally an abbreviation for The Onion Router, it is a software that allows for anonymous communication.
Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) Browser that helps you search anonymously.
Tor Mail An email service that allowed Tor users to send and receive anonymous emails. It went offline in 2013.
TorBroker An brokerage that allows customers to buy and sell stocks and ETFs anonymously.
Torch A search engine for .onion sites in the Tor network.
Torchat An anonymous messaging service on for Tor.
TorDir An outdated directory of .onion sites in the Tor network.
Tormarket A former darknet market.
Tramadol An opioid painkiller.
TrueCrypt A notoriously strong disk-encryption software. It is currently outdated and is no longer being supported or developed as of 2014.
TRY An abbreviation for the Turkish Lira currency.
Tumble The action of laundering Bitcoins.
USD An abbreviation for the US Dollar currency.
Utopia marketplace A shortlived darknet market, having only been online for 8 days prior to being shutdown by Dutch law enforcement.
Vendor application A document that needs to be signed by a vendor before he sells a product on an e-commerce platform.
Vendor trust level A rating of successful transactions and overall ‘trust’ given to e-commerce vendors by their customers.
Vendors A person, group, or entity that sells products or services.
Vendors Roundtable A forum for Silk Road vendors’ discussions.
VPN Abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, a service that allows users to create a secure connection to another network via the internet.
Whistleblowing The act of revealing or reporting another party’s involvement in illicit activities.
Whonix An operating system built around security, anonymity, and privacy for its users.
Withdrawals In relation to finance, the act of taking funds from an account. In relation to medicine, a group of symptoms caused by the cessation of medication or drug administration.
ZULU Time Time zone equivalent to UTC+0 and GMT.
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